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Inclusive Design - a people centred strategy for innovation

A practical introduction to Inclusive Design for Businesses & Designers - how to get started!

Workshops in Inclusive Design Tour 2013

After having tested the brand new concept of Executive Education in Inclusive Design at the European Business Conference on Inclusive Design in Oslo in June 2012, the Norwegian Design Council has developed the content to fit into a tight and effective one-day interactive workshop.

In June 2013 we delivered three full day workshops on three subsequent days in the three cities of Kristiansand, Trondheim and Oslo for more than 100 participants We had good feedback; 95% would recommend the workshop to others, so we will proceed with two more workshops now, this time in the arctic city of Tromsø and then the old Hanseatic town of Bergen.

Covering the areas of inclusive products, services and digital solutions, we aim to deliver method-based interactive workshops, facilitated by Norwegian and British experts. We want to present a unique experience of new design thinking put into practice and offer the participants the opportunity to become part of a professional crowd for networking and knowledge sharing within the field of people-centred inclusive design as a tool for innovation. Target groups are designers of various disciplines, executives operating in both private business and the public sector, as well as researchers and tutors in design and business education. With such an interdisciplinary crowd we have a very dynamic and inspiring atmosphere!

The workshops look at the basics of the design process (Explore, Focus, Develop, Deliver) and will take the participants through tools and methods for data collection, mapping user insights, into the ‘art’ of interpreting and processing responses and finally through the stages of conceptualisation. Our aim is to show how this can be relevant for both business and public enterprises and how this process can create new knowledge or innovation briefs. Workshops will use real business cases to demonstrate benefits, highlighting critical issues and presenting the commercial value of the approach.

“The facilitators are experts, they know what they are doing, and have cases and facts to prove their point. That’s very positive and essential for the workshop.” Liv Marit Næss, Innovation Strategist, Scandinavian Whisper

“The energy and enthusiasm of the participants was inspiring! The way that they entered into the spirit of the workshops and wholeheartedly participated bodes well for the future of people-centred design thinking in Norway!” Rama Gheeraw

The framework for the lectures and workshops is the inclusive design thinking, methods and tools as described in the book Innovating with People - The Business of Inclusive Design.