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How should you engage with Inclusive Design?

Inclusive Design can be applied by business and designers developing any product, environment or service

Putting into practice

Inclusive Design can add value to your existing design or development process. Throughout the process there are a number of Inclusive Design activities and methods that can be added to create a more people-centred approach. You can adapt them to suit your purposes for specific projects.

The activities are:

  1. Understand context - gives you a foundation based on real life
  2. Design research - plan what you will do with users
  3. Discover needs - put you planning into action
  4. Map insights - organise findings gathered from user research
  5. Translate briefs - translate findings into design briefs
  6. Scenario building - generate ideas from the point of view of your users
  7. User feedback - evaluate ideas with real people
  8. Resource building - collect and organise your valuable information