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Design og arkitektur Norge Design and Architecture Norway

Inclusive Design - a people centred strategy for innovation

A practical introduction to Inclusive Design for Businesses & Designers - how to get started!

Landscape & architecture

  • Photo of streets between the hospital buildings.

    St. Olavs Hospital

    St. Olavs Hospital has received international acclaim for its innovative, inclusive architecture that brings nature, the city, employees and patients...

  • Photo of happy man in wheelchair acessing the park

    Hamaren Activity Park

    The park surrounds a kindergarten, schools, and a care home for older people, potentially addressing community needs across the age spectrum....

  • Outside the building.

    Solvik Service building

    The service building had a low design and construction budget, but still needed to meet the requirements of universal design that was appropriate for...

  • Outside Margarinfabrikken kindergarden.

    Margarinfabrikken Kindergarden

    This project demonstrates how a restoration project can be enhanced by universal design ideas when they are integrated into the design process and...

  • Schandorff walkway

    Schandorff walkway

    A winding walkway in a modern park now provides a pleasant link with good social spaces between Fredensborgveien and Akersgata in central...